Waterproof Professional Cleaner's Apron

Waterproof Professional Cleaner's Apron

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***Pre-Orders Only: PLEASE READ***

This all-new waterproof apron will arrive on June 1st. 

It is currently 50% off at the moment for pre-orders

Once the aprons arrive on June 1st or sooner, this 50% discount will be gone.

If you ever need to cancel your pre-order before it ships, we will gladly do it. Just reply to your confirmation email and you will be refunded right away, no questions asked.

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Cleaning is Hard Work. This Cleaning Apron Makes It Easier.

The faster you clean, the faster you can move on to the next job.

This apron is designed to save you time, money, and energy.

After just ONE cleaning, the apron will pay for itself, and you can get to your next job faster.

What's Included?

(1x) Waterproof Professional Cleaner's Apron

Completely waterproof fabric. Protects your clothes and your phone!
This apron has two built-in spray bottle holders. They are designed to hold two spray bottles everywhere you go. Stop setting your spray bottles down and forgetting where they are. 
The apron has 5 Deep Pockets! Three pockets are very large and allow you to hold cleaning cloths or anything else in them. Four of the pockets are small and are designed to hold your detailed cleaning brushes or other small tools.


(2x) Wire Rings

You will receive two wire rings with each apron. These wire rings can be attached to any cleaning tool such as the duster below, or any tool with a hole in the top. The tool can then be hung off the belt of the apron using the belt clips (scroll down to see more).


(2x) Belt Clips

Each apron comes with two belt clips that allow you to hang your accessory rings and tools, such as a duster. The clips are extremely sturdy and hold the accessory rings very well. In fact, you can jump up and down and they will never come loose.

In this image, you can see how the tools attach to the belt clips. You will receive two of these belt clips already attached to your apron's belt. In this photo, an accessory ring was placed through a duster so that it can be attached to the belt. On the right side, an accessory ring was placed through a glove clip (sold separately) which allows the gloves to be attached to the belt.


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